My Viva Plan is a unique tool that combines nutrition, fitness, and mental wellness into one health plan that can help your clients achieve whole-body health. While you are more focused on your client’s nutrition habits and choices, you want them to live healthier and happier lives. To do this, they need more than just dietetic counseling.

The Nutrition Section

The nutritional side of the My Viva Plan allows your clients to have access to everything you are coaching them on. From making healthy diet habits to achieving long term success, this tool can help them and help you. Your clients will be more engaged with their health, making it easier for you to help them become successful.

For Your Practice

My Viva Plan is a great supportive tool for your services. As a provider, this tool is free to you and will allow you to help your clients more and empower them to take control of their own health. This wellness plan helps to foster and sustain your continued success with each and every client you work with. When you offer My Viva Plan to your clients, you are giving them a variety of health tools including mindfulness practices, exercise and yoga videos, fitness tips, dietitian-approved and chef-curated recipes, and so much more. You are giving your clients the power to achieve optimal health.

My Viva Plan can also help you become more effective in what you do. You can better help your clients manage and change their nutrition habits and food choices by providing them with a tool that gives them the information they need while at home, at the store, or dining with friends. You can see your practice become more successful and your clients achieve a healthier lifestyle with the help of this tool.

Join a network of health care professionals leveraging this comprehensive tool to support whole-body health. Start making a difference today!