While it may seem strange for a dietitian to provide their clients with a healthy tool that also focuses on mental and physical health, this is one thing that can set you apart from other dietitians and allows you to help your clients on a deeper level.

As a nutrition professional, you want to help your clients improve their health as much as you can, and My Viva Plan helps you do just that. Your clients will become more engaged in their health and be given a tool that can actually help. 

My Viva Plan is broken into three sectors that are all necessary for reaching optimal health — nutrition, fitness, and the mind. 



As a dietitian, this is the portion of My Viva Plan that is most relatable to you. With MVP, your clients will have access to weeks of customized meal planning, recipes, smart grocery tool, Vivapedia, and a dining out guide. Your client will be able to improve their nutrition and develop healthy eating habits thanks to this tool. My Viva Plan is also designed to cater to those with special dietary needs and preferences, allowing them to get the nutrition help they need. 


Fitness is another important aspect in whole-body health, and while you may not deal with this specifically, this can help your clients take control of their health. With the fitness portion of the My Viva Plan, your clients will have access to on-demand workouts, yoga stretching videos, and more. They will be able to set a fitness routine with My Viva Plan to help them stay on top of this aspect of their health.


Mental wellness is another huge part of achieving optimal health and one thing that many people forget about, which is why it is a major part of My Viva Plan. Our tool gives your clients access to guided meditations, daily reflections, gratitude practices, stress assessments, and so much more. Your clients will be able to improve the health of their mind, which lends a hand in achieving whole-body health. 


Do you want to improve your client’s health outcomes? Do you want to reduce the risk of chronic disease? Do you want to build a network of dietitians around the world to conquer chronic diseases related to lifestyle?

Between your expertise and the ability to leverage My Viva Plan, you’ll have the increased capability to encourage your clients to make the lifestyle changes needed in reversing today’s health care crisis.

Add My Viva Plan to your practice today to help your clients achieve optimal health. 

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