My Viva Plan was created to fill the gap that we found in current health and wellness plans. Many other plans available focus only on a singular aspect of health, whether it’s fitness, nutrition, or mental wellness. We wanted to create a robust solution to combine each of these equally essential areas to focus on whole-body health.

We know people don’t just need help with their nutrition goals, and they don’t just need to focus on fitness. In order to achieve optimal health, there needs to be a focus in both of these areas. But we also noticed that when it came to health, people were focusing more on nutrition and fitness and forgetting about their mental health. One can eat healthy and stay physically fit, but if you are not also concentrating on your mental health, you will never feel your best.

Built By Professionals

To ensure that My Viva Plan was a health and wellness solution that could provide results, we worked with professionals to create each section. Registered dietitians, kinesiologists, and psychologists all had a role to play in creating My Viva Plan, which makes it unique and a successful tool. We took every resource that clients need to be successful and made it accessible in one convenient place!

My Viva Plan is a health and wellness resource to improve people’s lives. By adding MVP to your practice, you can also help improve the success of your client’s journey!

Be a catalyst for change! Be part of building a collaborative network of dietitians that are passionate about improving the health of their clients. We are looking for registered dietitians and dietitian clinics to champion My Viva Plan to improve the health of individuals. Are you ready to do that?